4 Ideas to Include Walkways in Your Hardscaping

Traditionally, fall is the time to add to or redo your hardscaping. The weather is cooler and often drier (though perhaps not this year). There are many hardscape features you can add to your property, from retaining walls to outdoor fireplaces. However, sometimes the simplest additions are the most effective. In this article, we’re going to look at one of the most underrated features of hardscaping: walkways. Walkways help preserve your lawn and landscaping by offering a clear path across your property. They also show visitors and delivery drivers the way to your front door.


If you think walkways are a boring aspect of hardscaping, they don’t have to be! Here are some of our favorite ideas.


Mosaic Pathways

Mosaics don’t have to be intricate patterns or images made up of tiny tiles, though they can be. You can still create a mosaic effect with more common materials. Use bricks or pavers of various colors to make a pattern along your walkway. You could go with something simple, like a checkerboard pattern, or more complex, like swirls or starbursts.


Stepping Stones

If you prefer your yard to have a more natural, unplanned look, stepping stones are the perfect walkway idea. Use large stones of uneven shapes to create stepping stones that look like they naturally belong in your landscaping. To give your pathways a more defined look, you can add mulch or plant groundcover between and around the stepping stones.


Gravel or Pebble Walkways

There’s something satisfying about the sound of gravel underfoot. Gravel also makes an excellent walkway material because it is easy to maintain and to keep it looking neat. You can have a contrast with white or light-colored gravel or make a more subtle choice with darker colors. If you prefer a smoother surface than typical gravel, you can use smoother pebbles instead.


Curving Paths

Your walkways don’t have to be all straight lines and right angles. Create a gentler hardscape by building curved paths that wend their way through your property, bending around flower beds, trees, shrubs, or other landscape features. Curving paths give your property a relaxed and natural feel, which makes your outdoor space comfortable and welcoming.


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