5 Hardscape Design Trends in 2023

As outdoor living becomes more popular, hardscape design trends are evolving to reflect the changing needs and desires of homeowners. This month, we’re talking about some of the latest hardscape design trends to keep an eye on for 2023!


Integrating Nature 

One trend in hardscape design is to create spaces that seamlessly integrate with nature. This might include the use of natural stone pavers or retaining walls made of stone or rock. The goal is to create outdoor living spaces that feel like they are a natural extension of the landscape rather than an artificial construct.


Fire Features

Fire features such as fire pits, fireplaces, and fire tables are becoming increasingly popular in hardscape design. They add warmth and ambiance to outdoor living spaces, making them ideal for entertaining or relaxing on cool evenings. There is also a feature that you can enjoy all year round!


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Sustainable Materials

Homeowners are becoming increasingly conscious of the environment, and this is reflected in hardscaping trends. Sustainable materials such as permeable pavers, recycled rubber pavers, and composite decking are becoming more popular. They also reduce the environmental impact of outdoor living spaces!



Simple and minimalist designs are becoming more popular in hardscape design. This includes the use of clean lines and neutral colors, with an emphasis on texture and form over pattern and color. The goal is to create hardscape designs that are elegant and understated rather than flashy or over-the-top.


Multi-functional Spaces

Hardscape design is also evolving to reflect the need for multi-functional outdoor spaces. This might include the integration of seating, dining areas, and even kitchen spaces into hardscape designs. The goal is to create outdoor living spaces that are functional and versatile, as well as attractive.


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