Balancing Hardscape & Softscape

In New England, there is only a limited time in which we can thoroughly enjoy our outdoor living spaces. To create an area that’s both visually appealing and comfortable, make sure you have an appropriate balance of softscape and hardscape elements. At Max 13, we’re here to help create your backyard oasis through hardscape design.


Hardscape v. Softscape

First, what’s the difference between hardscape and landscape? Despite the obvious (one is hard, one is soft), these terms help define different spaces in your yard. Hardscape includes all the nonliving things, such as driveways, patios, and stones. Softscape, on the other hand, are all the soft, living things in your yard like plants and flowers. Both spaces combine to form a landscape, and when balanced correctly, can increase your home’s curb appeal in the front and turn your backyard into a peaceful retreat.


Use All Available Space

If you’re designing a yard from scratch, think about all the space you have available and all the things you want to include – whether they already exist or not. For example, think of the area surrounding your pool, this will be a hardscape place. You may want to put in a pathway (hardscape) lined with hanging or potted plants (softscape) to the pool.


Pick One Focal Point

Next, decide what you want to be the focal point of the space. You can design hardscape that draws your attention here, whether it is a pool, fire pit, or sitting area for outdoor meals.

Some things to keep in mind are how natural you want the landscape to flow. Unlike the walls and hallways of houses, hardscape like walkways and patios can appear circular or twist to match the flow of the yard. Lining these pathways and areas with colorful plants can help balance them with the lush green spaces.


Working with hardscape design professionals, like us here at Max13, means that your project will be done right, on time, and safely. We’ll work with you to make sure your hardscape design ideas are put into reality while maintaining the integrity and growth of your softscape elements. Give us a call at (978)-733-4777 to talk to a professional about creating the landscape of your dreams!

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