4 Ways to Make Your Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger

We’ve all heard the saying that kitchens and bathrooms can sell a home. Whether or not you’re planning on putting your home on the market, giving your bathrooms the TLC that it needs is a great move! As experts in bathroom remodeling in Massachusetts, the team at Max13 is excited to bring you these four tips to making your small bathroom seem larger than it may be!


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Consider changing your vanity

Older styled cabinetry tends to be bulky. If you’re working with a small area, bulky is the last thing your bathroom needs. By considering replacing your vanity to a pedestal style or wall mounted floating vanity, you can gain square footage. Both styles of vanities provide you valuable floor space while opening up the overall feel of the room. If storage is a concern, consider options for closet reorganization with drawers and shelving units.


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Wall color matters

Whether you prefer wallpaper or paint, the color of your walls makes a significant impact, especially in small spaces. Surrounded by walls, this is one element that every guest will see when they enter your bathroom. As a rule of thumb, you always want to choose lighter wall colors for small spaces. By doing so, you’ll create an open, airy atmosphere that provides an illusion of being in a larger area. Whereas dark colors will close in the space and make your bathroom seem smaller than it is.


Don’t forget your floors

Just like the walls, the color choice of your floors will also have a significant impact on the atmosphere of your bathroom. Although lighter-colored floors can require a bit more maintenance, it will lighten the room and provide the appearance of a larger space. With the options available today from tile to laminate, you can have an elegant looking bathroom in no time, all while sticking to your budget.


Add crown molding

Although you may be thinking that the addition of another element is the opposite of the goal at hand, crown molding works in quite the opposite way. Around the ceiling, painted the same color as your ceiling, crown molding will provide an illusion of height. Obviously, the higher the ceiling (or so it seems), the more space your bathroom will appear to have.


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For more helpful bathroom remodeling tips in Massachusetts, contact the team at Max13. The winter months are the perfect time of year to tackle those home remodels you’ve been putting to the side. Call us today at (978) 733-4777 and start your new year off with a fresh modern and spacious bathroom!


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