Bathroom Remodels in MA: 2 Major Things to Consider

So, you’ve decided you want to remodel your bathroom but are unsure where to start. There are quite a few things to consider when designing your bathroom such as aesthetics and practicality. Regardless of how you want to design your new bathroom, planning your lighting and ventilation is a must! When you come to Max 13 Construction for bathroom remodels in MA, you can rest assured both will be part of your design.



Bathrooms tend to be one of the most humid and damp rooms in the household. If you’re planning to have a bathtub or shower, you’ll need proper ventilation for a few reasons. Adequate ventilation will aid in reducing the risk of mold growth and benefit your overall health. 

Some great options for ventilation are exhaust fans, windows, and window vents. Depending on your preferences, windows may not be the best option alone if you don’t enjoy the cold. It may also waste more energy in the winter if that’s your only source of ventilation for your bathroom. We recommend an externally vented exhaust fan that also has a timer. This way, you can save energy and stay warm!



There are a couple of options for lighting here: natural and artificial. If you’re looking for natural lighting options, a skylight is an excellent idea if you’re able to incorporate one. Having some form of natural light near or around your mirrors is also ideal. Natural lighting near mirrors will also give you a more accurate depiction of your actual skin tone and other colors.

Let’s not forget about artificial lighting! Even if you have options for natural lighting, you’ll still need artificial lighting come nighttime. However, placement is essential to consider. If this is a bathroom you plan to get ready in, it’s in your best interest to avoid only having an overhead light. An overhead light will cast unflattering shadows on your face, making it frustrating to work with. Consider something like a dimmable LED light or vanity with soft lighting for a flattering light source!


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