Everything You Need to Know About Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve more than landscaping enhancements; they’re problem-solvers. From providing added support to prevent erosion to creating usable outdoor space on uneven landscapes, there are a variety of walls for both residential and commercial environments. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the basic types of retaining walls and the options that come with them.


Material Options

Natural stone retaining walls

One of the most seamless ways to integrate a wall into your landscaping is with nature’s materials. Natural stone walls are not only attractive, but they are versatile enough to fit into any environment. Whether you’re looking to level a sloped front yard or create a border around the backyard, natural stone is one of the best ways to enhance even the most unsightly spaces.


Interlocking blocks

Often the material of choice for DIYers, interlocking blocks are generally light in weight, making them an easier option to work with. However, preparation can sometimes require more attention depending on the landscape since these blocks require some type of anchoring system. With several colors and textures available, this material is an excellent choice for a modern look and feel.


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Most Common Uses

Patio borders

A patio area is a perfect location for relaxation and entertaining. However, sometimes the natural slope of your yard doesn’t allow for this type of space. If your backyard is sloped, a low-rise retaining wall is the ideal way to separate your outdoor living space from the yard by creating a sunken patio area. Not only will it have an enjoyable, useable space for years to come, but the retaining wall will provide an opportunity for the addition of a creative softscape.



Create a usable front yard

Similarly, a sloped front yard can pose several difficulties. From mowing to planting, there’s no easy way to deal with a hill. However, the addition of a retaining wall will create a level, manicured area that allows for easy care.



Line a walkway

No matter which material you choose, a lined walkway with carefully selected shrubs and flowers creates a sense of elegance. With the addition of a few solar lights, you’ll have the perfect pathway leading your guests to and from your home.



Enhance your backyard

Although wooded backyards are ideal for privacy, the transition from your yard to the trees can be ugly. Depending on the natural slope of your landscaping, a retaining wall can cover the ugly by creating an aesthetically appealing border that seamlessly blends with the natural landscape.


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Retaining walls provide a multitude of beneficial uses. One of the best results is creating more usable land, thus increasing the value of your property. For more information on how to incorporate a beautifully designed and executed retaining wall, contact our team at MAX13 Construction today.

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