Fall Foliage Facts

Here at Max13, we spend a lot of time outside. Because of this, we’ve grown a deep appreciation for the fall colors of New England. From deep red to muddy brown, they all work together so beautifully. In honor of this tradition, we’ve compiled a list of fun facts about fall. Don’t worry, while you’re busy staring up at the trees, and our landscaping crew will rake them all of the ground. Make sure you rake them up and cut your grass before the snow hits!

  • Did you know that the type of tree determines the color? Birches, redbud, and hickory are always yellow, while sugar maple, dogwood, and sourwood are usually red, but can sometimes be yellow.
  • Scientists say the colors of the leaves don’t have any biological reason to change. Instead, it’s a reaction to the changing temperatures and the amount of sunlight available.
  • Since it’s the sunlight, not a biological reason, that causes this change, the amount of sun a leaf gets can influence its color. Red pigment production needs bright sunlight. If it doesn’t get it, it actually will turn yellow! In fact, if you cover part of a leaf that would typically be red, the covered part will be yellow, while the rest of the leaf remains the same!
  • Did you know New England has some of the most vibrantly colored leaves in the nation? Make sure you stop and take a minute to admire what’s right in your backyard. Some people travel miles to New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont to ogle at the trees.
  • Trees make the same amount of yellow pigment year round. The difference is that in the warmer months, the dark green chlorophyll masks the yellow.

Interesting, right? Sometimes it’s easy to take where we live for granted. New Englanders are lucky to blessed with colorful leaves, even if they cover the green grass you worked all summer to achieve. But with most of them now on the ground, that means winter is coming. Make sure your retaining walls are in good shape, and you’re ready for the cold with the help of the professionals here at Max13! Give us a call at (978)-733-4777.

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