Hardscape Design: Function & Fashion

We believe that how you design your home should be conducive to how you live your life. That being said, every season there are new trends in all areas of home design, including hardscape. Hardscape design should not only make your space more functional but should be aesthetically pleasing as well.  We provide our customers with a landscape design that makes them feels good, as well as performs a necessary function.


The primary purpose of hardscape elements in your backyard is to separate the space for activities. Pool areas, for example, are not typically grassy. By placing stone or other hard material down around your pool, you create a space for people to relax and enjoy the pool without creating a muddy mess. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about fishing grass and gravel off the bottom of your otherwise pristine pool.

Patios are also used to designate additional living space. Flat, hard surfaces are much easier to put a dining table or grill than soft greenery. Walkways are perfect for defining a path from one side of your yard to the other. They can also come in handy during snowy seasons, and prevent mud from traveling into your home from wet feet.

Lastly, retaining walls are an aspect of hardscape design that is put into place solely for function. Although they do separate space, they are more often used for added support. If your home is set lower than your yard, retaining walls can keep water and dirt from flowing to your home.


Now the fun part! All of the elements above primarily serve a functional purpose, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be well designed. Each hardscape element has the opportunity to be the centerpiece of landscape design, depending on what materials and patterns you use. Additionally, they can serve as anchors for other elements. You can plant flowers around walkways and patios while retaining walls and pool areas can hold potted plants or small waterfalls. The possibilities are endless!

Here at Max13, we want you to be satisfied with your landscape design. You’re not limited to landscape or only one choice of building material. Our professional staff can bring your backyard dreams to life. For more information, call (978)-733-4777.

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