Hardscape Design Ideas Perfect for Summer

The window for warm weather in New England is short, so you want to take advantage of it while it’s here. Now that you’ve been spending more time outside, you might find yourself looking around your yard, thinking about what improvements you can make. No matter what improvements you’re thinking about, MAX13 Construction can make them happen. Last month, we discussed how hardscaping can add value to your home. This time, we want to talk about how hardscape design can make your yard a space you want to spend more time in.

Here are three hardscape design ideas that will make you never want to leave your yard again.


Relaxing Patios

Patios are the classic hardscape design. If you have a big backyard, installing a patio to take up some space cut downs on the yardwork. For both big and small backyards, patios provide a gathering space for family and friends. They provide a space to sit and relax outside. A popular addition to a patio is an outdoor kitchen. Even if you don’t opt to build in an outdoor over, a patio is still the perfect place to keep your grill while you use it during the warm weather.


Cozy Fire Pits

Who doesn’t love a cheery, crackling fire? A fire pit adds a gentle source of light and a focal point for your outdoor space. Adding a fire pit also allows you to stay outside even when the weather starts to turn cooler. If you don’t want a fire pit taking up space on your patio, an outdoor fireplace is an attractive alternative. A vertical stone build also adds an elegant showpiece to your outdoor space.

hardscape design

Stairs and Walkways

If you want to add multiple hardscape designs to your lawn, walkways are a great way to connect them and tie the design together. Even if you only have a single hardscape feature, walkways provide a path to your back door, driveway, or wherever you need to get from your yard. If your house is built so that it’s not obvious where your front door is, walkways direct your guests where to go. Stairs are also an essential part of walkways. Very few properties in New England are completely flat. Stairs are not just more attractive, but they save you from awkwardly trekking up and down a slope.


Hardscape Design by MAX13 Construction

MAX13 Construction has been designing and building hardscapes for over 20 years. Whether you know exactly what you want or just have some vague ideas, we want to make your backyard dreams come true. Contact us at (978) 733-4777 to find out what hardscape designs we can build in your yard.

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