Hardscape and Softscape: The Yin and Yang of Landscape Design

Are you thinking about giving your landscape a facelift? If so, there are two elements that you have to consider as you move forward. Landscape design consists of hardscape design and softscape design elements. It helps to have a grasp of both and how they work together before you move forward with your plans.

What is the Meaning of Hardscape and Softscape in Landscape Design?

Good design is about balance. In landscape design, that balance is achieved using hardscape and softscape. The two elements are easy to remember and differentiate. Hardscape refers to anything hard such as paving stones, sidewalks, walls, and rocks. Softscape refers to anything soft such as flowers, garden beds, succulents, and trees.

Hardscape is solid and unchanging. Softscape grows and matures over time. Most of the time, hardscaping happens first with the help of a professional contractor. Softscaping occurs around the desired hardscape elements afterward. Sometimes a homeowner will do their own softscaping; other times, they hire a professional to help them plan.

A landscape with too much softscape looks like a jungle, someplace where you aren’t sure if you can go through without being attacked by unwanted bugs or animals. On the other side of the spectrum, too much hardscape makes the landscape cold and uninviting.

hardscape design

How to Design a Hardscape

To design a hardscape, you have to first think about how you want to make use of your yard. Do you want a pool or an outdoor kitchen? Look at the space and imagine how you want to use it. Remember that hardscaping is relatively permanent, so it is essential to take your time with this step. Don’t just think about how you want to use the yard now, but also how you may want to use it in the future. 

Once you have an idea of what you want, you can set a budget and reach out to a contractor for help. Hiring a professional team like the contractors at MAX13 Construction will ensure that your vision for your yard will become a reality.

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