Improve Your Property with Hardscapes and Stone Walls

When you want to improve the look of your property and better enjoy your outdoor living space, you have two basic options: landscapes and hardscapes. Often, homeowners choose a combination of the two. They both make your property more attractive, but hardscapes are functional as well. At Max 13 Construction, we know the importance of bringing practicality and aesthetics together. In this post, we want to look at a particular type of hardscaping, stone walls. Stone walls and retaining walls make the landscaping of your property look deliberate and protect your home from erosion and flooding.

Let’s take a look at why stone walls are the hardscapes you should add to your yard.


stone walls

Add Curb Appeal

If your property is hilly or uneven, it can be difficult to get the landscape to look the way you want. By adding in a retaining wall, you can level off the top of a mound or hill to put in a garden bed or even a patio or seating area. Rather than fighting your property’s natural landscape, stone retaining walls enhance the features of your yard.


Control Runoff Water and Stop Erosion

If your property is like many in New England with hills and inclines, runoff water and erosion are serious concerns. After or during heavy rain, water will run down the hill and can erode your foundation or cause basement flooding. When you build a retaining wall, you hold the water back and keep it away from your house.


Upgrade Outdoor Living Space

The length of time when it is warm enough to enjoy your outdoor living space can be very short in New England. So when the warm weather is here, you want to make the most of it while you can. If you have a patio, stone walls can upgrade the look and functionality of that outdoor space. It will prevent runoff when it rains, can give your patio some added privacy, and make the area look neater and put together.


Stone Walls and Hardscapes by Max 13 Construction

Have been trying to figure out what your yard or outdoor living space needs to make it perfect? Hardscapes and stone walls may be the answer. Our team at Max 13 Construction is ready to work with you to design and build the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming about.


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