Incorporating Stone Walkways into Your Landscape

Stone walkways are a timeless tool that provides both functionality and curb appeal to any home or business. With the abundance of variations, textures, and colors, it’s nearly impossible to find landscaping that doesn’t benefit from the incorporation of a walkway. However, when it comes to choosing the right materials for your desired result, the choices can be overwhelming.

Deciding on the purpose of your walkway is the best place to start when choosing your materials. For example, are you looking for a driveway to front door solution? Or, perhaps you’re looking for a pathway to guide guests from your patio through your gardens and out to the fire pit? No matter what the goal there are solutions and our team at MAX13 Construction is here to help!



Timeless and classic

Utilizing brick pavers is one of the most timeless choices for both residential and commercial hardscaping. Brick is elegant, reliable, and fits seamlessly into nearly any outdoor aesthetic. From clean-cut, manicured pathways leading to the entranceway, to tightly-nestled garden paths lined with shrubs and flowers, brick is universal.

Another aspect of a brick walkway that appeals to many is the variety of laying techniques available. From bbasketweaveto herringbone, the designs are endless and easily customized to your style.


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Modern and stunning

While bricks serves the purpose in many situations, sometimes a bit more flair is in order. From bluestone to granite, natural stone walkways combined with a well-executed design will quickly create the wow factor you may be searching for. Beyond the wow, many of these stones provide desirable benefits as well. For example, with a bluestone walkway, you can expect natural slip-resistance, superior durability against the harshest of weather conditions, and, of course, natural beauty.



The best uses for stone walkways

No matter what the material may be, walkways bring functionality to any outdoor space. Below are a few applications in which a walkway comes in handy:

  • Leading guests to and from your entryway
  • Guiding people to the backyard, or outdoor living area
  • As a pathway to pool areas, often complemented by stone patios and retaining walls
  • Natural pathways through sectioned yards leading to firepits, gazebos, through gardens, etc.


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If you’re stuck at home staring at a landscape that needs “something,” but you’re not quite sure what, it’s time to give our team at MAX13 a call. From stone walkways to pool patios, retaining walls to fire pits, we will take the time to assess your needs and provide recommendations to transform your outdoor living space.

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