Hardscape Design Trend: Outdoor Kitchens

With more people staying at home than ever before, projects that may have never been on the “list” now are. Between the fresh air of summer and looking at the same walls for months, many are bringing their indoors to the out. And, what better way to entice family and friends outside then with an outdoor kitchen. Whether you have a large amount of workable space or just a little, outdoor kitchens are customizable to fit in any environment seamlessly.


Cozy kitchens

If space is limited and your budget is tight, an outdoor kitchen can still be in your future! Working with the elements on hand, you can recreate an old worn space. Refinishing weathered furniture and sprucing them up with new cushions and pillows is an easy way to give your space a new look. If the addition of a patio or natural stone bar is attainable, these elements are the perfect way to define and achieve, an upscale look and feel.


Embrace stone hardscape design

Using stone provides seamless integration with the outdoors. Beyond its versatility within the design structure, there are several colors and textures to choose from as well. Although you may be drawn to a particular stone, you’ll want to select a material that compliments the style of your indoor living space.

As you begin the design process, you’ll also want to keep in mind the requirements of the materials you’re considering. Durability and maintenance are two of the top factors that make or break selections; especially in New England. Outdoor living means rain, snow, and ice – the last thing you’ll want is to face the spring with cracks in your stone, or be a slave to your outdoors all summer long.


Choosing your elements

Once you’ve located the space and chosen your materials, it’s time to focus on the elements of your kitchen. Two of the most popular pieces of an outdoor kitchen are a built-in grill and fireplace. At minimum, you’ll want to consider these. However, if space and budget allow, below is a list of other appliances that will help you get the most use out of your outdoor kitchen:

  • Smokers – a perfect compliment to the grill, smokers bring more options to outdoor cooking.
  • Mini refrigerator – having easy accessibility to cold beverages is not only convenient, but it also keeps people outdoors
  • Kegerator – if a bar area is in the design, the addition of a kegerator adds flair and wow-factor
  • Sinks – with a little plumbing, having an outdoor sink will come in handy when entertaining


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From grill stations to fireplaces, natural stone is an excellent choice for hardscape design. And, at MAX13, we’re here to help make your visions come to life. Call us today to explore the options available and bring your indoor space to the out!

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