Paver Patios: Here’s What You Need To Know 

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Tired of your old, worn-out patio? Finally, ready to upgrade your backyard with a new patio design? Well, it’s time to consider paver patios! Most often, paver patios are consist of stones made from concrete. They are typically small and can be found in various colors, textures, and patterns. So, they can be a good option for homeowners who want something unique. The experts at Max13 Construction can help you choose suitable possibilities and create the perfect backyard oasis!


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Benefits of Paver Patios


Unfamiliar with the term paver patios? You’ve probably come across one before but didn’t realize they had a specific name. Unlike concrete slab patios, paver patios interlock small joints to create a cohesive and robust system. Thus, it’s solid and durable. Plus, it’s not likely to crack with exposure to the elements. If you’ve spent some time in New England, you know that the climate is ever-changing. 


Throughout the year, the weather can fluctuate to extremes. This type of weather pattern causes the ground to freeze and thaw continuously. This change in temperature affects things like sidewalks, roads, walkways, and of course, patios. How so? Well, it can crack large concrete slabs. Each piece of the puzzle can flex and move with the paver patio style without ruining the look and style. 


Style Options


Curious to learn more about the style options you can think about? Let’s dive into the patterns you can lay paver patios into to create a beautiful look!


Running Bond – If you want something simple and straight, a running bond will achieve that look. The pavers are run in a row, all in the same direction. 


Herringbone – If you want something a little different, try herringbone! This style is rectangular-shaped pavers in a zig-zag pattern. 


Radial – Planning a circular patio? No problem! We can help you plan and implement a beautiful radial design!


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Max13 Construction: Professional Paver Patios


With a diverse range of skills, Max13 Construction can offer everything to our customers. It’s our passion to provide the tools and capabilities to bring people together and create their dream projects. 

When you’re thinking about backyard upgrades, we can help fulfill your vision and create the most beautiful paver patio! Call us at (978) 733-4777 for an estimate.


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