Perks of a Paver Patio

Adding a paver patio to your backyard landscape is like adding an addition to your home. Putting down pavers and creating a flat, hard surface allows you to add furniture and design elements to a space that would otherwise likely be just greenery. Choosing pavers helps you design a unique space that’s easy to maintain, is cost-effective, and can add tremendous value.

Easy to Design & Install

Pavers are perfect for patios because they are easy to install, and the patterns will always look beautiful. You can choose from a variety of materials, such as clay, brick, stone, or cement. You can also choose from a variety of differently shaped pavers, so you can pick a design that truly speaks to you. Some examples include herringbone, basket weave, or circle design. You can even mix and match shapes and materials to create something unique. Creating a space that you feel is relaxing and welcoming and that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Cost Effective

In addition to being easy to install, paver patios are cost effective. Since you don’t have to pour concrete or other material, you don’t have to pay to rent a truck or workers for their time. The professionals here at Max13 work diligently to install your paver patio, leaving you with more time to enjoy your new space.

Increase Home Value

As we said above, adding a patio to your home is like adding a whole new room. And, just as if you had added a bathroom or living room, your home value will increase as a result. This is a low cost way to boost the price tag on your home if you’re thinking of selling. Even if you’re not looking to put your home on the market, you’re probably spending more time enjoying your yard – which is just as valuable.

Here at Max13, our professional staff knows landscape design inside and out. From hardscape to softscape and paver patios, we can do it all. We’re here to help you every step of the way, from choosing a design to choosing which flowers to plant on the outer edge. For more information, call (978)-733-4777.

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