Many people know what landscaping is. People also know about what landscaping entails. What isn’t so apparent, though, is that this type of labor can get divided into two primary categories: hardscaping and softscape. All of it helps your yard, and Max 13 Construction can perform services under both groups, but there are differences between the two. Hardscaping is one of the two types and – as the name would suggest – relies on sturdy materials, harder labor, and more durable results.

Our team is well-versed enough to attend to a variety of hardscaping projects, from sprucing up fire pits to adding a walkway to a driveway.

What makes hardscapes such fun projects is that you get to incorporate modern decor right into nature itself. It’s a sight to behold when we finish! We suggest that you get hardscape work done if you want to add a bit of security, flair, or decorative pieces to your yard.

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