Thinking About Selling Your Home? Kitchen Remodels Increase Value

The busiest time of year for home listings is right around the corner. With Spring nearing in, homeowners are beginning to make arrangements for putting their home on the market. However, there is still ample time left to make changes that can increase the listing price. For example, it’s said that kitchens and bathrooms can sell a home. Lucky for you, the team at MAX 13 Construction is here to help with kitchen remodels.

The question at hand then becomes which kitchen remodels are worth investing? Homeowners can easily spend upwards of $50,000 if not more on remodeling. However, that figure doesn’t mean you’ll get the cost back in the final sale price. This article will cover over a few of the elements in kitchen remodels that are worth investing in when planning to sell your home in the near future.



One area that will always grab a buyer’s attention is kitchen countertops. Depending on the overall style of your kitchen, there are several options to consider. From granite to quartz, slate to wooden countertops, the choices depend on your goal and budget. Another area worth investing is the addition of an island if there is room for one. Added counter space is added value.
While you’re planning out the new counters, don’t overlook your backsplash. For a minimal cost, a backsplash can bring together the overall look of the kitchen while protecting the walls from spills and splashes.


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Although tile and marble flooring take the stage in upscale kitchens, laminate has come a long way. If you’re looking at replacing old, worn-out flooring while working with a budget, check out the variety of laminate options available. From tile to plank wood look-alikes, the possibilities are endless. On top of aesthetics, laminate flooring now offers added options such as watertight or proof sealing. Be sure to secure any squeaks in the floorboards while your project is underway.



Depending on the current condition of your cabinets, you may or may not want to invest in new cabinetry. Solid wood cabinets can make a significant dent in a homeowner’s budget but bring a whole new level of market appeal to potential buyers. If new cabinets don’t make the cut, consider painting or refinishing your existing cabinets to provide a fresh, new look that matches with the new changes made.


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Again, you may or may not want to consider changing out appliances. If your stove has signs of the many years of love and use, then sure, it may be worth updating. Or perhaps your colored appliances don’t match the modern updates. Either way, you want to consider whether your current appliances will distract from the kitchen remodels you’ve made before you decide to replace them.



Contact the team at MAX 13 today to schedule your kitchen remodel consultation. We’ll provide you solutions that work with your budget and ensure a higher rate of return on your home. Call today at (978) 733-4777.

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