Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends This Season

Now that bathroom remodeling is trending, and on the rise, you might be thinking about updating your own home. Making the step and transition to upgrading your home is only going to improve the value! Plus, whether you plan to sell your home or live there for a long time, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean, updated design that will wow any guest that walks through your door. So, is it time to give MAX13 Construction a call? First, let’s talk about the top bathroom remodeling trends we see this season. 


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Floating Vanities


How do floating vanities sound? We’d like to think that they’re a great addition to any home bathroom remodeling project! If you love a clean, contemporary look, this update will surely be one to consider. You can choose from various sinks, countertops, and drawer configurations that work with you and your lifestyle. The room will feel bright and airy because floor space will be taken up by large, clunky vanities!


Large Tiles 


You won’t be finding any small tiled backsplashes on trending designs right now. Currently, large tiles are the current king. Many homeowners are opting for natural stone-looking tiles, accented by the fewer grout lines. Plus, this will mean fewer areas to scrub and clean, making it perfect for a bathroom and shower environment. There are plenty of both cool and warm-toned tiles. 


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Backlit Mirrors


Did you know that almost three out of four new homes have a backlit mirror installed in at least one bathroom? Backlit mirrors and cabinets are not new, but the upgrade in technology makes them a great option! The lighting will make it easy to get ready in the morning and create an eye-catching glow effect. 


Bathroom Remodeling Designs


A clean, recently upgraded bathroom can sell your home, and we mean that literally! Many bathrooms are worn down by heavy traffic over the years. It’s only fair to give back some TLC to your home and invest in some upgrades!


That’s why the team at MAX13 Construction is here to help with your bathroom remodeling project! Whether it’s a new floor, upgraded fixtures, or a complete remodel, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your job done. Call us today at 978-733-4777 for an estimate.

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