Unsightly Concrete Patio? Paver Patios are Your Solution

Are you dealing with an unsightly concrete patio? Are you searching for a more attractive and functional option? Paver patios are an excellent choice for creating a beautiful space that you will enjoy for years to come. Beyond beauty, this type of patio is versatile in appearance and provides more durability than concrete. Let’s take a closer look.



Which is better, concrete or paver patios?

Sure, concrete is cheaper to install initially. The lower cost is why many homeowners choose this option. However, the benefits of a concrete patio pretty much end there. While pavers require more of an upfront cost, they also require significantly less long-term maintenance than concrete. Forget the days of sealing, patching, and other required concrete maintenance. Pavers need an occasional sweeping and possible power washing, but that’s all.

Beyond the gift of time that paver patios provide to owners, they’ll also age much more gracefully. As temperatures change, concrete is known to shrink and expand with freeze-thaw cycles. This shifting becomes an issue because it generally results in the concrete cracking.


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Can I cover my concrete patio with pavers?

Although it’s possible to cover an existing concrete patio with pavers, many factors need to first be considered. The most important consideration is the drainage. You want to make sure the concrete doesn’t puddle, has a proper slope, and that the edge that drains water stays permeable. You may need to come up with a plan to divert water from the house with flashing.

It’s also essential to evaluate the condition of the concrete. Installing pavers over damaged concrete is not a good idea. Homeowners who do so end up spending more in repairs as the concrete continues to degrade beneath the paver stone. This deterioration can lead to uneven surfaces, which create a dangerous walking environment, as well as the perfect location for puddling, mold and mildew growth.

Although covering a concrete patio may seem like a fast and easy way to change things up, it’s better to start on a clean slate.


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When considering paver patios, whether as a replacement or a new addition, it’s always best to trust a team of experts. Although many online sources tout DIY patio design as an easy project, we promise there’s more to it! At MAX 13 Construction, our team of industry experts will take the time to assess your current situation, ground, and drainage, allowing us to design a plan that ensures years of reliability.

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