Walkways Provide a Path  

Everyone needs a little guidance sometimes. If you frequently enter your home through a door that’s not directly off your driveway or garage, you likely have a walkway leading up to it. But just because you know where you’re going, guests or other visitors might not. We’re not saying you need a flashing neon sign or even a yellow brick road, but building a path from the street to your door can make your life easier. It will spare having to replace grass damaged by high traffic and can add aesthetic appeal to your home.

At Max13 Construction, we’re professionals when it comes to outdoor design. We’re equipped to tame the wildest backyard shrubbery, and install the fanciest hardscape design you can imagine. Whether you need a walkway replacement for practical reasons or to freshen up your home, we have the materials to create something beautiful.


Pick Your Material

The most significant decision you’ll make when it comes to walkways is what kind of material you want to use. You can use a variety of stone and brick, and how you configure them also says a lot about your home. Consider colors that complement the style of home you have, as well as any other landscape choices already installed. Brick or carefully placed stones portray a more sophisticated, put together look. On the other hand, single rocks set strategically leading up to your doorway are quaint and simple – they won’t distract from a beautiful garden or bushes.


Consider Your Space

You also probably don’t want the walkway to take up your entire yard, so it’s important to think about the space you have to work with. If you’re trying to build a path from the street all the way across your yard, it’s best to keep it simple, so it doesn’t overtake the landscape. But if the area you’re covering is smaller, a design of bricks and stones will likely accentuate any other design choices you have.


Regardless of what you’re looking for, or even if you don’t know exactly what you want, the professionals here ate Max13 are eager to help you choose the walkway that’s perfect for your home. Give us a call at (978)-733-4777 with any questions!

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