3 Tips to Protect Your Hardscapes This Winter

Since winter is approaching, now is the best time to ensure you’re preparing your hardscapes for cold weather. Especially for the first snowfall! This month, we’re focusing on ways to best protect your hardscapes through the winter season. Though this isn’t a complete list of precautions, we have a few tips to get you started!

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Store Away Moveable Hardscapes

We recommend this step first so that things are out of the way to allow you to efficiently complete other tasks. Some examples of moveable hardscapes are statues, fountains, and other decor and materials. All you need to do to ensure these items are protected is to move them into a shed, basement, or garage. If you prefer, you can also cover them with a tarp or other materials for extra preservation.


Fill in Cracks 

Filling in any cracks or holes in the concrete is imperative before the first snowfall. This is because concrete can easily be damaged from cycles of freezing and thawing. If these cracks aren’t filled before it snows, water will get into the cracks and ultimately cause structural damage. To prevent cracks from getting wider and seal out moisture, apply a protective sealant for an additional layer of protection. If you have an area with high foot traffic, getting a sealant with grit mixed in will provide better traction. It will also prolong the quality and life of your hardscapes!


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Check for Water Runoff

Water runoff during the winter season is common and can cause damage to your hardscapes from melting ice and snow. As mentioned previously, water can get into the cracks and cause structural damage over time.  So one way to ensure this issue won’t arise is to clean the debris out of the gutters and drainage system. For extra precaution, rain barrels can help to collect runoff water if you’re unable to rearrange your hardscape or drainage system.


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