Why Retaining Walls Should Be Part of Your Hardscape Design

The process of creating a hardscape design for your property can be a complicated one. Hardscaping does much more than just make your property look more attractive. It also makes it more functional and can even protect your home. One of the most important features of any hardscape design is retaining walls. You need to decide where to put them where they will do the best good for your property and look good in your design. At Max 13 Construction, our team will work with you to create a design that improves your property both practically and aesthetically.

Here are some tips to help you decide where to place your retaining walls.


Consider the Slope

The purpose of a retaining wall is to control water runoff and make sloped land useable. If water flows down your property every time it rains, you will have problems with erosion and possibly flooding. Before you begin your design, think about how steep the slopes on your property are. If you have more of a gentle slope, a single retaining wall will suffice. You might even have space to clear out an area to add a patio.

If your property has steep inclines, the placement of your retaining walls becomes even more important. Hardscape designers often recommend multiple retaining walls. This creates a tier of walls going up your slope. This not only controls the water runoff and keeps your property from flooding, but it also allows you to turn that sloped ground into usable areas.


Create Level Areas

That useable space comes in the form of level areas. You can create many things out of those level spaces, from sitting areas to flower beds. If your property is steep enough to need tiers or retaining walls, you can do something different with each level. For example, you can plant a row of trees or shrubs across the top and then move down to flower beds and vegetable gardens. Finally, put a patio at the bottom.


Max 13 Improves Your Property with Retaining Walls

Hardscape design is all about making practical use of your property while making it look good. The team at Max 13 Construction is experienced in doing both. Let us improve your property with retaining walls and other hardscape features.


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